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We are currently offering a THREE weeks delivery lead time from receipt of order. 

Conditions of Business / Sale



In these conditions all references to “the Company” shall be construed as meaning A C Roof Trusses Ltd and the expression “the Customer” shall be construed as meaning the party with whom the Company is contracting for the supply of goods or provision of services.

1.                 Applicability:

Unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Company in writing, these Conditions shall apply to all contracts for the sale of goods and/or the provision of services entered into by the Company with any Customer. No servant or agent of the Company acting on his own shall have power to alter or in any way vary these Conditions.

Any attempt by any Customer to vary these Conditions or to substitute alternative conditions whether in writing or otherwise shall be of no effect.

The Contract will not be assigned to any other party unless agreed in writing by all parties.

2.                 Orders:

(a)               All orders are taken subject to the availability of goods and materials in stock and the Company reserves the right to alter the specification of, or to withdraw any item without prior notice.

(b)               Any order received by the Company in pursuance of a quotation or otherwise and whether made orally or in writing shall be deemed to be an offer to contract and no binding and valid contract shall be effected unless and until the Company accepts the Customer’s offer.

3.                 Prices:

                    (a)               Save where expressly stated all prices quoted are exclusive of Value Added Tax.

(b)               The Company reserves the right at any time to alter any of its prices without notice. In respect of goods delivered after such change of price, the price charged shall be the price ruling at the date of despatch of the goods by the Company.

(c)             Where the quotation price is stated to include delivery this means delivery during the normal working hours of the Company (details of which are                          

are available on request) and additional charges will be made for any delivery outside those normal working hours.

(d)              This quotation is valid for two months from quotation date.

4.                 Payment:

(a)               Unless otherwise agreed all prices are net and shall not be subject to any discount and accounts shall be due for payment on delivery.

(b)               Interest at the rate of 5% per month shall be due on any overdue invoiced amounts.

(c)               If and so long as the Customer is in arrear with any payments due hereunder the Company may at its sole discretion suspend further deliveries under this and/or any other contract with the Customer whether made before or after this contract.

5.                 Delivery:

                    (a)               Any dates and times quoted for delivery are estimated only and time shall not be of the essence of the Contract.

(b)               Where the Company is to deliver goods delivery will be as near to the place where the Customer requires delivery to be made as, in the absolute discretion of the Company, a safe, hard road permits.

(c)               The Customer shall be responsible for the unloading of the goods and the Company shall not be liable for any damage that occurs in the course of unloading. A maximum period of 45 minutes is allowed, for the purpose of unloading each vehicle and if the unloading period for any reason extends beyond the 45 minutes allowed, demurrage at the Company’s current rates from time to time in force.

(d)               Where the Company in its absolute discretion determines that mechanical handling or cranage is appropriate such facilities must be provided by the Customer on site to facilitate the unloading of components from delivery vehicles.

(e)               If the Customer, his agents or sub-contractors, shall refuse or otherwise fail to accept delivery, payment in respect of these goods shall be due within seven days of receipt by the Customer of written notification from the Company that the goods are ready for despatch and charges for storage and demurrage shall be calculated on the basis of the Company’s current rates from time to time in force and shall be for the account of the Customer.

6.                 Force Majeure:

The Company shall be under no liability if it is unable to carry out any order (including delays in delivery) for any reason beyond its control including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing. Act of God, Fire, inclement or exceptional weather conditions, official or unofficial industrial action, hostilities, shortage of labour, materials, power or other supplies, governmental order or intervention or any other cause whatsoever beyond the Company’s control or an unexpected or exceptional nature.

7.                 Title to Goods:

Ownership in any goods supplied by the Company shall not pass to the Customer until payment for such goods has been received by the Company in full. Until the time of actual payment to the Company of the total amount owing in respect of goods the Customer shall hold the goods for the Company as bailee and shall store the goods in such a way as to be clearly identifiable as the property of the Company. Until such time the Customer shall not be entitled to sell the goods or deal with them in any way that is not consistent with the Company’s ownership of the goods and the Customer hereby irrevocably authorises the Company and any of its agents to enter upon the property where the goods are kept to remove these goods.

8.                 Technical Specifications:

(a)               The Customer shall be solely responsible for taking all necessary measurements and dimensions and shall notify all measurements and dimensions to the Company in writing and the Company shall not be liable for any loss resulting from inaccuracy in such measurements and dimensions.

(b)               The storage, handling and erection of timber components should, when appropriate, be in accordance with the International Truss Plate Association’s recommendations and copies of these are available on request. Also, technical advice and information upon the handling, erection, storage, size and all other matters relating to the goods are available from the Company on request and the Customer must ensure that all requirements relating to the erection and general handling of the goods are followed and the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the Customer’s failure to do so.

9.                 Liability:

                    The liability of the Company in any case shall be limited to the replacement of any goods that are defective.

10.              Return of the Goods:

(a)               The Company will not accept the return of any goods supplied in accordance with any contract except by written agreement and the Company accepts no liability whatsoever for goods returned in any other circumstances.

(b)               No complaints regarding the goods or services supplied will be entertained unless they are notified to the Company, in writing, within 24 hours of delivery.

11.              Arbitration:

All disputes or differences which may arise touching the provisions hereof or the rights and liabilities of the parties hereunder shall (unless otherwise provided) be referred to arbitration in England under the Arbitration Act 1950 to 1979 or any modification by an arbitrator to be agreed on by the parties or in default thereof appointed by the President for the time being of the Law Society.

12.              Applicable Law:

All contracts to which these Conditions apply shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales.

13.              Privacy Policy:

We take your privacy seriously and we will only use your personal information that you supply to us in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy. This can be found on our website:


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