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We are currently offering a THREE weeks delivery lead time from receipt of order. 

Roof Trusses

Our first factory, which is dedicated to the manufacture of roof trusses, houses both a 25meter platen press and roller press as well as two specialist saws. The MARK VII platen press is one of the largest and most efficient presses on the market capable of pressing trusses up to 5.5m high. The hydraulic system delivers 70 tons of force on trusses delivering a quality product every time. As it is quick and simple to set up we can manufacture trusses to precise measurements. We can produce up to a thousand trusses per week.

Pre fabricated timbers are processed through our state-of-the-art fully automated easy set saw. Using the latest technology the six blade saw is network connected to our designers in the office whom upload the required cutting. Then at a press of a button the saw is set to cut any size required. This ensures speed and unmatched accuracy which is capable of cutting 60 lengths of timber in a minute. 

Inside The Truss Plant