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Floor Cassettes


A. C. Roof Trusses Ltd can produce your Posi Joist floor/roof system into cassettes which offer many benefits to the developer.

  • Manufacture of the joist system and fixing of the floor deck under factory conditions to create a very high quality product.
  • Posi-Joist floors are a good example of a 'modern method of construction' being manufactured for a specific purpose from designs run on the latest software to optimize timber sizes and lengths, and with no site waste from off-cuts of timber etc. With floor cassettes we are also able to optimise the decking off-cuts to keep waste to a minimum, and all our timber off-cuts are re-cycled
  • Dramatically increases construction speed, especially with timber frame construction; the floor cassettes on a four bed property can typically be installed in one to two hours, ready for the first floor structure to be installed without delay.
  • Elimination of working from height whilst fixing the decking.
  • Cassettes are easily craned into position; as soon as ground floor panel erection is complete the cassettes .are installed, then the first floor panels can follow straight afterwards
  • Cassettes for up to 5 units can normally be delivered in one load.

Floor Cassette Being Craned into Place Cassette Floor