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Raised Tie and Scissor Trusses

Increasing the height of a room without increasing the overall height of the building is becoming ever more popular with developers. Using Raised-Tie trusses it is possible to raise the room height above the height of the wallplate. Similar to an attic truss, the lack of triangulation causes the top chord to increase in depth. It is possible to manufacture raised-tie trusses up to 1m above wallplates, although there are other factors that can affect this.

An alternate option to raised-tie truss is a scissor. Scissor trusses also allow the room height to be increased but only in the centre of the truss. In a scissor truss, triangulation is maintained so top chord depths are smaller than a raised tie while still getting a raised sloping ceiling. Therefore, this application usually works where a raised-tie truss would not due to the ceiling-tie fixed to the wallplates.

There are other truss profiles that can be used to raise the room height above the height of the wallplates such as a Vaulted of Raised Ceiling truss.

Raised Tie

Scissor Truss

Coffer Truss